Pastor’s Notes – October 2015

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Have you heard about this idea within a portion of the scientific community that in 30 years we will become computers?  Lev Grossman calls this our “cyborganic destiny.”  Do we really want to become computers?  What if someone sticks a pop-tart in our hard drive?  Or spills sticky soda on our keyboard?

Another scientist says, “You can transfer your mind into a machine.”  As a machine you can wake up every day in a cold, uncaring world.  Life goes on indefinitely and we become “intergalactic godlings.”  Do you want to live forever as a tin can wired with the same components as your Toyota?

As Christians we know the promise of eternal life is our future.  The Apostle Paul writes, “We are buried with Christ by baptism into death, that, like as He was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.”  “Newness of life” is not the same old thing day after day like a machine.

In the science world the geography is limited.  They are bound to an earthly kingdom and the prospect of your computer turning you on as a washing machine.  Followers of Christ know from the Lord’s Prayer “Thy Kingdom Come.”  We live in God’s kingdom of power and grace and we await the kingdom of glory.

It was the flesh and blood Jesus who won this salvation for us.  He was not a robotic figure leading a scientific revolution.  His love and grace that came through His care for you and me is prevalent.  He came for all with the gift of salvation so we could live forever, not continue to exist as a toaster!

In Christ,