Bulletin Announcements Nov 9, 2014

THOUGHTS ON STEWARDSHIP:  Matthew 25:4: “….but the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps.”  Why did they take flasks of oil with them?  Because they listened to the Bridegroom’s words and believed them.  Our actions always start with and flow from our beliefs.  What do your actions in the realm of stewardship say about what you believe?

TODAY is our 2nd Sunday door offering for Reverend Michael Kearney and Seminarian Chris Suggitt.  We received a letter from Chris and his family and it is posted on the bulletin board outside the church office.

2014 COMMITMENT CARD:  Your 2014 Commitment Card is available for pick-up in the narthex.  Next Sunday, November 16th, the new Commitment Cards will be handed out and Stewardship Sunday will be on November 23rd.

 FOOD COLLECTION:  Our Food Collection for Home Sweet Home Mission will continue through this coming Saturday, November 15th.  On that day we will deliver the food and serve a meal at the Mission.

 NEXT SUNDAY is the deadline for items to be submitted for the DECEMBER NEWSLETTER.  Mandy Kluender is our Editor for the church newsletter and any announcements you want to be published in the Newsletter should be submitted to her at mgkluender@hotmail.com.

 ANNUAL VOTER’S MEETING:  Good Shepherd’s Annual Voter’s Meeting is next week on Sunday, November 16th, following the 10:30 Worship Service.  We will have a potluck meal.  The church is providing the meat and drink.  Please bring a side dish or dessert.  The 2015 Budget proposal and the list of candidates for church offices are located in the narthex.

 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS:  If you would like a copy of your 2014 Financial Statement please see Joyce Schneider.

 ENERGY NEEDS ENVELOPES are still available on the table in the narthex.

FELLOWSHIP HOSTS:  The sign-up for help with coffee/doughnuts is posted on the wall by the north stairwell.  We need an individual/family to sign-up each week to pick up the donuts and make the coffee.  If no one is signed up by Friday of each week, the order will be cancelled.  We thank everybody who continues to help with this part of our church fellowship.

 CAN YOU HELP:  Greetings to all of you, my dear Church family.  I wish to thank each and every one of you for ALL you have done for my family and me: meals, prayers, other help.  I am overwhelmed by the love shown to me by so many people.  This has been the hardest challenge so far for us and we pray that our Lord will heal and restore me to my family.  Stage IV and secondary cancer is no joke and when I have to sleep, I am left with no choice – go in and lie down or fall down!  Which leads me to my point.  I have had to learn to ask for some help.  So here is my humble request: would any of you have some easy slow cooker recipes you would be willing to share with me?  I am collecting some recipes but would sure love to have some of yours. If anyone has slow cooked a roast or a ham or chicken in one, please let me know how for how long you’ve cooked it.  Please email any recipes or instructions to me at: dogdiva2@comcast.net.  Thank you again for everything! Love in Christ, Laura Kessler.

THE LUTHERAN HOUR:  “S.O.S. …Call Upon Jesus is the topic for next Sunday.  The sermon text will be from 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11.  God’s SOS brings real lasting hope and rescue, an SOS that shows us our Savior.  The speaker will be Reverend Gregory Seltz.  Hear this Sunday’s message on the Lutheran Hour on WGN (720) at 6:00 a.m.; WJWR (104.7 FM) and WJWR (90.3 FM) both on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.  Also, if you can receive Lincoln, IL radio station WLLM (1370 AM) the program is broadcast two times on Sunday at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  Tune in!  You can also listen to The Lutheran Hour on your personal computer at RealAudio, www.lhm.org.