Open Letter Greetings.  I wanted to provide an update since my last message:

First, of all, the Church Council is busy reviewing the expenses of the church.  We will be asking the various Boards to keep expenses in mind as we prepare for the 2015 Budget.  We are still running behind in our General Fund, and we want to make sure this doesn’t continue into next year.

Let me remind again that we are a very blessed congregation.  We have had some attendance decline in worship, but our Offerings have not decreased.  We have spent more this year on some items than we anticipated – heating in winter, snow removal, etc.  We will be praying that next winter is not as harsh as this one.  In the meantime, we will be asking for a Special Offering in the Fall to help offset utility costs.  Please be watching for this Special Offering and pray about helping the church pay for the utilities.

Last time I wrote a message, I wasn’t able to provide the balances for the various Church Funds because I was sitting in Washington, DC.  I have the fund balances available this time, so here they are (please note: I am only including the ones with balances):

  • Kitchen Fund – $120
  • LLL Fund – $50
  • LWML Fund – $1082
  • Operating Fund – ($2715)
  • Parking Lot Resurfacing – $8248
  • Portico Fund – $16,553
  • Stained Glass Fund – $542
  • Sunday School Fund – $78
  • Youth Fund/Higher Things – $75
As I stated in my previous message, even with the Operating Fund in the negative, we are still blessed.  That is important and something we must remember.

Finally, we will soon be looking to elect some new Officers and members of Boards at our Annual Voter’s Meeting in November.  Curt Kessler, the Vice President of the Congregation and his committee will be reaching out to ask for volunteers to become members of Boards.  I would urge you to prayerfully consider serving on a Board if you are not already doing so.  We are always in need of people to serve the Church.

If you have any questions about what is happening in the Council or the church, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessings,  Steve Parry