The Lutheran Laymen’s League’s mission is “Bringing Christ to the Nations and the Nations to the Church.” This is done through the Lutheran Hour Ministries and related outreach programs. Click on the link below to visit the Lutheran Hour Ministries Website.

Our zone group holds many exciting events and sponsors important outreach opportunities in the community throughout the year. These activities include information and outreach booths at both the McLean County Fair and the State Fair held in Springfield, Illinois. The volunteers promote the Lutheran Laymen’s League and the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries by distributing English and Spanish information pamphlets to the public. Other activities include sponsoring the annual Reformation Service and Oktoberfest for the zone and a Spring Rally event. The volunteers of the LLL are available to sponsor and host additional instruction and information meetings and programs as needed by the member congregations.

Camp CILCA is co-sponsored by the Central Illinois District (CID-LCMS) and the Lutheran Laymen’s League. The LLL participates in fundraisers including the hog roast in May and the chicken fry and auction in September. The LLL also promotes the camp’s Work Day programs that occur during the off-season. Click on Camp CILCA link to the right to see the exciting activities of our district camp.

The main activity of the Lutheran Laymen’s League is supporting the Lutheran Hour Ministries and its related outreach programs. On Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday, information is presented to the congregations and literature is distributed.

Recently, two new outreach and support programs have been introduced: “Men’s Network” and “Woman to Woman.” These programs offer excellent resources and support. You can check each of these out by clicking the logo links.

The local Lutheran Laymen’s League also help support through donation one of the best known symbols of the Lutheran Hour – the Lutheran Hour Float that appears in the Rose Bowl Parade each New Year’s Day. The Float stands as a symbol of the efforts of the Lutheran Hour Ministries and Lutheran Laymen’s League outreach to the world.

But the Lutheran Laymen’s League is so much more. Visit the Lutheran Laymen’s League’s website to get more information about the exciting programs, resources, and support that is available. Be sure to check out the ministries of the “Men’s Network” and “Women to Woman” programs.