Since 1964, Lutheran Bible Translators has been making the Word of God accessible to those who do not yet have it in the language of their hearts. Our primary calling is translating the Bible – making the Word of God come alive in languages in which no translation currently exists.

There are still many oral societies in the world. LBT frequently works with people whose languages have no written format. Because many people are unable to read, and may never learn to read, literacy is also a vital part of LBT’s work.

Translated Scripture is meaningless unless it is used, studied, and shared. LBT missionaries promote Scripture Engagement through audio and visual technology, vernacular worship songs and liturgy, drama, and other culturally appropriate programs.


The Hilberts



We are missionaries with Lutheran Bible Translators assigned to help translate a complete Bible into Mende in Sierra Leone, West Africa. We are focusing primarily on developing partners in prayer and financial support for our ministry overseas with Lutheran Bible Translators. Click
here to visit us on LBT’s website.

Robert, a native of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, graduated with a B.A. in History and Political Science from Valparaiso University in 2003. He then spent over two years in Mali, West Africa with the Peace Corps working in Natural Resource Management and Bambara Literacy. In 2009,
he finished an MBA with a concentration in Project Management. He is currently working towards an MA in Applied Linguistics with a focus on Bible Translation.

Mical (Rutt) was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where her family was serving as missionaries with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. She graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2006, majoring in Economics and Political Science. During that time she spent a semester studying abroad at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. In 2010, she completed her MS in Accounting and Financial Management. Before starting a family, she worked in finance. In 2012, she completed a Certificate in Applied Linguistics.

Carsten was born January 31, 2011 in Tampa, Florida. Annabelle was born August 7, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our experiences living overseas have impressed upon us the significance of communicating in one’s heart language. We feel nothing is of greater importance than spreading the Word, especially to those who are lost in darkness.

We expect to begin our first term in Sierra Leone sometime in the last part of 2013.

Please pray for us as we begin building relationships for prayer and financial support for our ministry with LBT.

If you would like to support our ministry, checks may be sent to:

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