Pastor’s Notes

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Moses said to the Lord, ‘Why have You dealt ill with Your servant?  And why have I not found favor in Your sight, that You lay the burden of all this people on me?’…’I am not able to carry on this people alone; the burden is too heavy for me.’” (Numbers 11:11, 14)

After Sunday School, two boys discussed Elijah’s dramatic chariot ride when God took him home.  “Wouldn’t you be afraid to ride in a chariot of fire?”; one asked the other. “Naw,” replied the second, “not if God drove.”

Moses, while reluctant at first, had this same kind of faith.  As long as God was in control then he could cope with the problems of leadership.  Moses understood his limitations and knew that he needed God’s help and direction.

You and I like to think of ourselves as being pretty self-sufficient.  When people offer to help, we say things like, “Naw, I can take care of it.”  The wise person is the one who can recognize his or her limitations and depends on the presence of God and His strength for daily life.  Knowing God is driving takes the tension out of living.  When we learn to cast all our cares on Him, we move to a maturity in the Lord that gives peace and joy.

Many times we try to rip the steering wheel out of God’s hands so we can go our own way.  When we do this we get frustrated and lonely.  Like Moses did, leave the driving to God.  Let’s admit we cannot bear our own burdens, and then we receive the direction and rest that He has promised for us.

In Christ’s Love,