Pastor’s Notes – May 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Something that I have always noticed in life is how you can be in an empty space and within an hour or less that space can be completely changed because it is filled with people.  On Easter Sunday, this was the case.  The Sanctuary was beautifully prepared for worship, but when I first arrived, no one was in there.  Within the hour, young and old, were belting out, “Christ has triumphed!  He is living!”  It was a blessing to once again worship together.

I have seen this in other areas of my life, especially as it involves sports.  Stadiums and gyms and ball fields are devoid of people during warm-ups, and before you know it, the place can be rocking with noise and excitement.  Then it’s over, and the space returns to its serene self.

The events of Jesus’ life took on a similar tone.  A courtyard and court that normally might be quiet was filled with people.  You had the followers of Jesus, but the ones wanting to crucify Him outnumbered them.  Then that area became silent again as they took the Savior to Golgotha.  This was now the place of activity.  Jeers and hissing as He hung on the cross.  Soldiers cursing and betting.  Family members wailing and crying.  Then the death of Jesus, the powerful noise of the earthquake and silence again.  The peace surrounding the tomb was interrupted by the appearance of the women and the exchange with the angels.  “He is not here.  He has risen.”  This is a noise that reverberated throughout the world.  Jesus coming back to life can be heard by every tribe and nation.

That is why we return to worship again and again.  To sing His praises.  To hear His Word.  To partake of His Sacraments.  The still, small voice of Christ our Savior speaks to us.  He speaks in the silence of our sin.  He counsels in the quietness of quest for worldly success.  He admonishes when the audio of our actions pushes us away from the Lord.  He pronounces loud and clear, “I love you, I forgive you, and I will never leave you.”

Hold on to this thought whether in a quiet place by yourself or surrounded by thousands.  Christ is there and that, my friend, makes an audible difference!

In Christ,