Report to Congregation & Pics from Ft. Wayne Seminary Co-Op — 1-30-15 (Courtesy of John & Paula Hardy)

Concordia Seminary Fort Wayne, Indiana

Our Trip to bring your gifts to the clothing co-op at the Seminary at Fort Wayne allows us the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever seen. You enter the campus from Clinton Street without actually seeing the campus. The first thing you see is the statue of Martin Luther. Then you see some of the buildings and the chapel.

This year we were there while school was in session and there was quite a bit of activity on campus. Since the co-op is closed on the weekends we had to go to the gymnasium in order to find someone who could contact security. There was a soccer activity of some sort going on in the gym with dozens of children and parents in attendance.

We met the security guard (a seminarian) who unlocked the co-op for us. As we began to unload our cargo he received a call to open the food co-op for someone else. He later returned after we finished unloading. He was very concerned about the upcoming snow as he was an “Alabama boy.” He (as were every other person we have come into contact with at the seminary) was very grateful for the donations. He said that without the support of congregations that he and the other seminarians would not be able to complete their journey. After a short discussion of each of us being a different member of the body of Christ with different talents he was again called away and we left the seminary.

As you can see by the pictures there is a storeroom which the donations are collected (or in our case left). In an adjoining room volunteers separate the donations and stock the various rooms like this one pictured. This room happens to be women’c clothing. There are rooms for men’s clothing and children’s clothing as well as toys and household goods. To “shop” at the co-op the student or his/her spouse must show a Concordia student ID. Concordia Fort Wayne has a Deacon/Deaconess program as well as a program for pastors.

We would like to thank you all for your donations which allow us to visit the seminary each year. We have had the pleasure of visiting some of the students that we have sponsored during some of our trips.

We plan on returning there again some time next year and appeal to you again for donations to fill up our truck for the next trip.

Sincerely and Respectfully in Christ’s service,

John & Paula Hardy
***Pictures Follow***

1-6-15 Ft Wayne Pic 6

1-6-15 Ft Wayne Pic 5

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1-6-15 Ft Wayne Pic 3

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