Pastor’s Notes September 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Who can ever forget the story of the 33 miners trapped in the Chilean mine back in 2010?  After the collapse they were buried under 700 feet of dirt and rock.  The entombment of these men lasted for 69 days.

The first thing a mining company will do after a collapse is to try to locate the miners.  Mining companies have learned that trapped miners can survive up to 5 times longer when they realize someone knows where they are.  It took 17 days but the miners were finally located and a message was sent to the miners.

Nothing much had changed.  They were still trapped and there was no certainty of rescue, but they knew that they had not been abandoned to their fate.  Someone was working on their behalf.

We can find ourselves trapped in our sin and guilt.  We get buried in a collapse of bad decisions and choices.  Are we relegated to our fate?  Does anyone hear our faint cry for help?  Can we be found?

Yes, someone hears us.  Yes, we can be found.  The Lord knows where we are at all of the time.  When we are entombed because of our sinful nature we are not left alone.  The Lord Jesus is working and has worked on our behalf.  His death and resurrection from an empty tomb has freed us.  Someday we will breath in the clean air of heaven.

Remember the weary smiles of those miners as they were brought to the surface one by one?  We have that unending joy each and every day because we have a Savior who knows us and rescued us.

                                                           In Christ,